Hi everyone!

I don’t know how to start my first post. You can call me THEO and it’s my first time to post something here (blog stuff you know)

I just met incredible people and their stories of SUPERPOWERS tonight.

The echolocation of Underwood, muscles of Liam, eye-camera of Stephen, brain of the real rain man and the beauty of Kristina were really amazing and fascinating.

It’s getting late and I have to go…Got to have enough sleep for tomorrows’ work- that thing they called NOBLE work! I’m a teacher if you don’t ask and hoping I could really come to school early. tsk.tsk.tsk..Not a good example actually…

It’s really tiring to wake up early. It feels like I have my early morning gravity attack. Oh gravity please…and now you’re pulling my eyebags down…you’re one of the toughest villain I can’t defy. Well, anyway goodnight everyone. Goodnight to my pillows, my blanket, my mattress, to the walls, windows, ceiling, ants, cockroaches every living and non living thing…good night! Good night also to you my Creator. Thank you for today’s strength and love.


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